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    Eden Chen

    Technical Manager,in train sex

    Has more than 10 years of service and maintenance experience, is particularly good at machine repair and maintenance, and proficient in the various standards, including:ASTM,ISTA,ISO,etc. He can provide reasonable recommendations and solutions according to the specific situation of the users,and deal with user feedback problems timely and efficient.

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    Darren Dai

    Senior Technical Engineer,iporntv. net

    potn com,Graduated in mechanical drawing, he has more than 5 years of experience in after-sales service. He is good at machine assembly and maintenance and proficient in the ISTA standard for paper products and ASTM standard for tensile machines. He often om-site installs and teaches customers how to use machines.

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    Darcy Li

    fuck movie,Technical Engineer

    Graduated from Mechanical Manufacturing, with more than 3 years of experience in after-sales service, specializes in troubleshooting and maintenance of machine faults. He often provides on-site service and remotely guides user operations. He is proficient in ASTM and IEC standards and can timely and professionally solve user feedback problems.

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    Sawyer Mark

    gigolo porn,Deputy General manager, Global business Manager

    Mainly responsible for the global business of the instrument, market research and market development, business relations. Make strategic planning and annual business objectives and implement them.,bulma hentai


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